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The 11 Plus is likely to be your child’s first experience with a proper exam, so it is only to be expected that they will feel a lot of stress in the weeks leading up to the test.

While many young children struggle to deal with the stress, there are many ways to help them cope as they prepare to sit their 11 Plus.

Being prepared cuts down stress significantly

The best way to prepare for the 11 Plus is to start early.

Leaving revision to the last minute benefits no one, and will likely only lead to an increase in stress in the weeks before the exam.

One of the best ways to revise is to complete practice questions and replicate exam conditions.

You do not want the exam to be a surprise to your child.

Rather, you want them to feel calm and confident, so they can enjoy the experience and prove what they are capable of!

11 Plus Exam

Allow your child breaks

While your child’s school may be stressing the importance of the 11 Plus, don’t allow it to consume your child’s life.

Part of being a young child is having fun with friends and enjoying growing up.

You don’t have to do a revision session every day for hours on end.

On the contrary, a half an hour session three times a week is sufficient. It is scientifically proven that short bursts of revision allow people to absorb more information.

If you allow your child time to blow off steam after hard work, you may notice a positive change in their attitude.

Rewards = motivation

For a child, sitting inside working on practice papers can be boring.

One way to help lift your child’s spirits is to occasionally provide them with a small reward to drive them forward.

This could be something as simple as a family day out.

It is important to note that you do not need to punish your child if they do not do as well as you’d hoped during a session.

Remember, the 11 Plus is a voluntary exam so do not put too much pressure on your child.

Instead of a negative end to the session, offer an even bigger reward if they do better next time!

They will be plenty motivated and the stress factor will become much less significant.

Ensure sufficient sleep

Lack of sleep contributes to heightened anxiety levels for everyone.

If you try to ensure your child is sleeping well and often enough, their stress may be considerably alleviated.

Furthermore, higher energy levels will help them to focus more and concentrate for longer.

If your child is too tired during a revision session, consider leaving it for another day.

There is little point in pushing your child to work when they are exhausted, as it will likely end in frustration.

Exam Test

Assure them that it’s just an exam

Being able to attend a grammar school has its benefits, but you should remind your child that it is not the end of the world if they don’t pass.

Every child is different, with many going on to succeed later in life without a grammar school education.

Always remember to keep your child’s interests and needs at heart.

Some schools are better for certain subjects and activities, so pick the school that is best for your child, not for its reputation.

How Tuition Tree can help

Remember it is natural for any child to experience anxiety in the lead-up to the exam. If you come across any difficulties, please contact Tuition Tree.

We are here to help you and give your child the best possible chance of securing the place they deserve.

Tuition Tree, situated in the heart of Edgbaston, Birmingham, has been serving the Midlands and London regions since the early 2010s.

Our primary objective is to aid students in passing their 11 Plus exams and gaining successful admission into grammar schools by instilling a fervent zeal for education and fostering self-confidence.

Our arduous and thorough selection process ensures that we pair each student with the most suitable tutor based on their individual requirements, yielding optimal results.

Our tutors are highly qualified, experienced, and have been DBS-checked for added security.

They possess an innate understanding of how to motivate and push children to excel, without causing undue stress or pressure.

With our tutors’ guidance, your child will flourish and develop the confidence necessary to succeed in the 11 Plus exams.


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