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Interview Preparation

The Interview Preparation course is designed to make children ready and confident for grammar school pre-admission interviews.

Many grammar schools conduct an interview before offering a place, so it is important for children to be prepared after they have passed the 11 Plus.

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Interview preparation for grammar school admission

During the course, each child is tested in a mock interview.

Much like the mock examinations, these will be held in an environment similar to the school interview locations.

The course is intended to help your child gain a feel of what to expect.

Upon completion of this course, you will be provided with a report within 48 hours. The report will identify strengths and any areas of weakness.


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Many grammar schools require your child to perform well at an interview before a place can be offered.

Sometimes, these interviews are mandatory for admission, and possibly to determine if a scholarship offer may be suitable.

Moreover, interviews may be used to determine if your child should be offered a place in instances where 11 Plus entrants have similar marks.

If it comes down to this, it is essential that your child knows how to act and what to expect in an interview so that they demonstrate to the school that they deserve a place.

Therefore, it is best for children who are applying for a place in a grammar school to be prepared for pre-admission interviews.

Interview Preparation

Our 11 Plus interview preparation course teaches children to:

  • Develop the skill and confidence to best demonstrate their personality
  • Demonstrate their accomplishments and achievements
  • Properly communicate and present themselves
  • Answer and respond to questions posed by the interviewer
  • Have an understanding of the school’s history and prestige, as well as current affairs related to the school

Mock interviews are conducted as part of the Interview Preparation programme.

Formal results are provided within 48 hours of the mock interviews. The report will identify strengths and any areas of weaknesses that require attention.

No, not all grammar schools host mandatory interviews. But most do.

Therefore, it is best to carry out a little research to ascertain whether or not the school, to which your child has applied for admission, has mandatory interviews.

While some children may be good with words, they may not do so well in formal interviews.

Grammar school pre-admission interviews are structured and require children to answer formally and logically.

Furthermore, most children, no matter how well-versed they are at carrying conversations, may become very nervous when presented with formal interview questions.

That is what this course aims to prepare the children for.

All our 11 Plus preparation services take place in Edgbaston, Birmingham.

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We provide a number of services that are designed to bring your child 11 Plus success and increased chance of grammar school admission.

Our 11 Plus preparation services are:

Private tuition is one of the most effective ways to prepare for the 11 Plus.

Private tutoring offers several benefits to students preparing for the 11 Plus exam.

Personalised attention and support from tutors can help struggling students fully grasp concepts and build confidence.

Tutors also provide access to study materials like past papers and practice exams that may not be available in schools.

Additionally, private tuition can help alleviate exam-related stress by offering guidance and strategies for effective studying.

Overall, private tuition can significantly enhance students’ preparation for the 11 Plus exam, increasing their chances of success.


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