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What Our Sudents Say:

Tuition Tree Testimonials

What Parents Say:

‘”I cannot thank Tuition Tree enough for helping David through getting a placement at Bromsgrove independent school. After David had failed his 11 plus we had no hope in getting him into a decent school. With all your help and advice he passed the entrance examination at Bromsgrove and has happily settled in. Thank you so much’”

– Mrs Morris

“Very efficient with a very high standard of tutors. I have tried many different Tutor services in the past but this has been the best. Every e-mail I sent was responded to almost immediately. Thank you.”

– Sarah Bark

“Raj thank you very much for all the help that you gave Saleem through his preparation for his eleven plus, he has got a place a Handsworth Grammar School and the whole family has put it down to you. May god bless you.”-

– Mrs Sandhu

“Great value for money and a good all-around Tuition Company”

-Mrs S Singh

“My son Amit passed last year and got offered a place at King Edwards School. I would definitely recommend Tuition Tree to anyone considering the 11 plus exam.

I was at first apprehensive of one to one tuition as we had a centre down the road which offered group tuition which my daughter use to attend. But I have seen a massive difference in my daughter’s English and Maths and her teacher at school thinks the same. I hope she gets into Grammar School when she sits her test next year.”

-Mr P Morris

“I would like to say thank you to Mr Shore and Mr Mason for helping me through my exams. You really worked hard in the last two years to help me pass my exam. I used to hate all the homework that you used to set me especially percentages and fractions but I am so happy that I am now at Kind Edwards Camp Hill. I am really enjoying myself and have made so many friends and I could not be any happier. Thank you so so much – love you

– Heather Watts

“Great personal service from the outset, my son never passed his test as we started preparing only few months before the exam, but I would still like to thank you for all the extra hours your tutors worked early on Saturday mornings to fit my son in, His behaviour and his work at school had improved substantially and it is just unfortunate for us that we never approached you guys earlier. Wish you best in the future and keep up the hard work that you are doing for the community.

– Mr Pauline Smith.

“I am very touched about the free tuition that you offer children preparing for their 11 CEM examinations. As a teacher of a primary school I am delighted to see that there is someone out there to help able children who can’t afford private tuition. I have parents approaching me all the time asking for extra help and advice about the 11+ and as a teacher there is only so many people I can help around my work commitments.  I wish that there was more tuition services offering free tuition services like yourselves. Maybe the government should set up a charity for those children whose parents can’t afford tuition fees. Keep up the hard work and those of your tutors who are working voluntarily are a asset to the teaching industry. Keep up the good work Tuition Tree.”  

– Miss. Julian Smith


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