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Group Tuition

11 Plus Group Tuition

Group Tuition is a highly productive way for some children to prepare for their 11 Plus examinations.

Group Tuition for the 11 Plus takes place in our Birmingham-based venue with small groups of students studying together.

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Group Tutoring

At Tuition Tree, we appreciate that every child is different and unique in their own way.

Some children benefit the most from the individual attention of specialist tutors through one-on-one sessions.

However, many children are able to learn better in the vibrant and engaging atmosphere of group learning sessions.

Some children may find they become more confident when taught in small groups, as opposed to a one-to-one tutoring setting.

Working in groups can create an amicable competition between students as everyone involved will aim to do their best.

For these children, progressing together ensures that everyone will focus on their learning above all else.


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While many children do require the focused attention of a tutor, some children feel most comfortable learning in the familiarity of a classroom setting.

Our budget-friendly group tuition programme is perfect for children who require the company of peers and some amicable competition for successful learning.

Group revisions have proven highly effective for children who are more social and therefore tend to work well with others.

Students partaking in Group Tuition

Our group tuition is conducted at our tuition centre in Edgbaston, Birmingham.

To find the exact location of our tuition centre, refer to this link.

We have tuition session timeslots during after-school hours over the week. And on weekends, we have timeslots throughout the day.

The 11 Plus group sessions follow a structured lesson plan that covers all the sections that make up the actual examinations.

These include Verbal Reasoning, Non-verbal Reasoning, English, and Mathematics.

Furthermore, our students are taught extremely useful test-taking skills such as expert time management and efficient memory use.

We keep a limited number of pupils per group to avoid such occurrences.

Moreover, our tutors are experienced and qualified professionals who are very adept at managing classrooms of any size.

Nevertheless, if your child is easily distracted and you feel that group tuition may not be right for them, you can choose our private tuition service.

Whether group tuition or private tutoring is more beneficial for a child depends on their unique way of learning and what they need to succeed.

For some children, being in a group environment can boost their self-assurance and spark friendly competition.

This can inspire them to pay attention to their studies and aim for greatness.

Working with a group also offers the opportunity for children to learn from the different learning methods of their classmates, promoting teamwork and creative problem-solving.

Whereas private tuition is a more focused and individualistic approach, some children find they learn better when they receive the full undivided attention of their tutors.

Ultimately, the goal is to find an approach that works best for your child and helps them grow academically.

Yes, of course.

For some students, the key to acing the 11 Plus exam is to have a mix of individual and group lessons.

While some families may think one-on-one tutoring is the best approach, it can sometimes be too much for some children to handle. A blend of both methods can work wonders for certain pupils.

If group tuition is not the best fit for your child, consider our private tutoring service.

Additionally, we offer other essential programmes that can greatly enhance the educational experience for the 11 Plus.

Our full list of services to help with 11 Plus preparation includes:


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