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Private Tuition

Private 11 Plus Tuition

Our 11 Plus private tuition programme in Birmingham is our most popular tuition service.

Private tuition is conducted by qualified specialist tutors, and the classic one-on-one structure ensures that your child receives the sole focus they may need to succeed in their 11 Plus.

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Private Tutoring

Private tuition is a fantastic way for children to prepare for the 11 Plus.

One-on-one private tuition allows our specialist tutors in Birmingham to focus on any weaknesses your child may have and turn them into strengths.

Our 11 Plus tutors specialise in identifying what subjects your child will be performing well in, as well as the topics they may be struggling with.

The bespoke lesson plans and individual attention will ensure that your child is suitably prepared and confident for the 11 Plus examinations.


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Our private tutoring programme gives pupils the opportunity to have private study sessions with a qualified tutor.

The biggest advantage of this setup is the guarantee that pupils will receive the complete and undivided attention of the tutors as they study for the 11 Plus.

This way the tutors are able to identify the pupil’s weaknesses and strengths and are able to create a bespoke revision plan to cover the areas that require extra attention.

One to One Private Tuition

Starting your child’s preparation for the 11 Plus examination appropriately early is crucial if they are serious about attending a grammar school.

The 11 Plus is not an easy examination and preparing a child for it requires dedicated effort over an extended period.

Although it cannot be achieved quickly, a child can easily gain the skills required to pass the examination with flying colours with steady and consistent tutoring over time.

We recommend starting private tuition for the 11 Plus at least 1-2 years prior to the examination date.

We create our tuition schedules based on your child’s and your routines. You can be sure that private tuition sessions will not get in the way of your or your child’s plans and other commitments.

As for the frequency of the study sessions, we can increase or decrease the number of classes per week depending on your child’s needs once they begin the classes with us and our tutors have had time to assess their strengths and weaknesses.

As they are being privately tutored, children are thoroughly familiarised with the core sections of the 11 Plus: Verbal Reasoning, Non-verbal Reasoning, English, and Mathematics.

In addition, they are taught valuable skills that are vital for passing the examination such as time management, effective use of memory, and organisation.


For certain pupils, the most successful approach to preparing for the 11 Plus is a balanced combination of private tuition and group tuition.

While some parents believe that private tuition is the most beneficial for their children, many students can find it a little intense and overwhelming occasionally.

For certain children, a combination of the two tuition methods can be highly effective.

While there are some children who do pass the 11 Plus without any tuition or help, they are among the minority.

The majority of the children who get admitted into grammar schools in Birmingham as well as other parts of the UK, have received some form of regular tuition prior to taking the test.

Tuition Tree is based in Edgbaston, Birmingham. We offer private tuition services all over Birmingham and neighbouring areas.

You can find the location of our tuition centre by following this link.

If you feel that private tuition may not be right for your child, we provide a group tuition service.

We also have other programmes that can prove to be highly useful when added to either one of the tuition courses.

Our 11 Plus preparation services include:


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