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The Importance of 11 Plus Mock Exams

The Importance of 11 Plus Mock Exams

11 Plus Revision | December 10, 2018

11 Plus mock exams are a vital part of exam revisions. Taking part in appropriate mock exams can make the difference between passing and failing.

Mock examinations have always been an essential aspect of revision for any exam. While thorough learning and revisions can equip a child with the necessary knowledge, it can be difficult to get good marks if they are unable to apply the knowledge correctly.

Entry Exam

11 Plus mock exams

When revising for the exam, 11 Plus mock exams are especially important.

In most cases, this is the first official examination that children will undergo, and they may not be used to the conditions and requirements.

If you conduct 11 Plus mock exams properly, then your child will get used to working in silence and avoiding distractions.

Furthermore, at such a young age, children may find it hard to concentrate for the lengthy period that is required for the exam.

By practising multiple examinations, your child will learn how to focus and work efficiently within the time limits.

Without any practice, it can be challenging to answer all of the questions within a period, which may cause children to panic.

Mock examinations will teach your child time management skills and how to work under pressure, both of which are mature and essential skills to excel in the exam.

The unusual questions in the 11 Plus

Additionally, some 11 Plus questions are unusual in comparison to other examinations.

These questions require your child to learn the technique of answering them rather than gaining knowledge.

The only way your child can do this is by learning to answer similar questions.

For instance, a large part of Non-Verbal Reasoning involves your child identifying patterns in shapes to choose the next one in the sequence.

The only way a child will get used to understanding and answering such questions is by practice and 11 Plus mock exams.

11 Plus Mock Exams

Mock exams can help build confidence

Mock exams may seem daunting to your child, but they are simply tools that will help them to succeed in the real 11 Plus exam.

The more practice your child gets, the more comfortable and confident they will feel during the real exam.

Replicate the exam conditions as much as you can, including taking the exam in a new environment.

Ideally, you want the exam to feel like another practice session for your child.

As a result of this, they will not feel too nervous and will be able to retain their focus in any environment.

Anything you can do to help your child enjoy and make the most of the final experience is bound to help

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