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11 Plus Private Tuition vs Group Tuition

11 Plus: Private Tuition vs Group Tuition

Tuition | December 10, 2018

Picking between private tuition and group tuition can be a daunting task, especially when either seem like the right choice.

Due to the high demand for places at top schools and the limited number of spots available, many parents are seeking the help of tutors to support their child’s success on the 11-plus exam.

At Tuition Tree, we understand that every child is unique and has their own individual needs and goals. As a result, we offer two types of tutoring to meet the needs of all students: private one-to-one tutoring and group tuition.

By providing a range of options, we can help ensure that every child has the support they need to succeed on the 11-plus exam. Contact us to learn more and get started.

Choosing the right type of tutoring for your child can be challenging, but it is important to find a solution that is both effective and enjoyable.

At Tuition Tree, we believe that tutoring should be a fun and informative experience that helps children feel excited and motivated to succeed on the 11-plus exam.

If you are unsure which type of tutoring will be the best fit for your child, keep reading for more information to help you make an informed decision.

Private Tuition

Private Tuition for the 11-plus preparation

Private one-to-one tutoring may be a better option for children who have difficulty concentrating or are easily distracted in group settings.

In a one-on-one setting, your child will have the full attention of the tutor and will be able to get personalized help and support.

This can be especially beneficial for shy or quiet children who may feel overwhelmed or pressured in a group setting.

Private tutoring can also take place in your child’s home, where they will be comfortable and able to take breaks as needed.

The team at Tuition Tree believes that private tutoring can have social benefits for your child, such as teaching them how to interact with adults and improving their confidence.

Tuition Session

Group Tuition for the 11-plus preparation

Group tuition may be the best option for children who are more sociable and work well in the company of others.

In a group setting, young children can be challenged by their peers and may learn more than they would in a one-on-one setting.

Group tuition can also be beneficial for shy children, as it can help them come out of their shell and learn to interact with other children their age.

At Tuition Tree, we offer small group tutoring to ensure that all children receive the individual attention they need.

Small groups are often better for group tuition because they ensure that each child is not lost in the crowd and gets the most out of each tutoring session.

A combination works best for some children

In some cases, children may benefit from a mix of both private one-to-one tutoring and group tuition.

Even if you believe that one-to-one tutoring is the best fit for your child, it can still be helpful to organize occasional group revision sessions to help keep your child focused and add some fun to their studying.

Private tutoring can be intense, and some children may work harder when they are surrounded by their peers.

School Room

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When deciding on the type of tutoring that is best for your child, it is important to consider their individual needs and preferences.

At Tuition Tree, we believe that you should always do what is best for your child and take their perspective into account.

Before making any final decisions, make sure to ask your child what they prefer and what they think will benefit them the most.

Ensuring that your child is happy and comfortable will help to improve their chances of success on the 11-plus exam.

Contact us to learn more about our tutoring options and how we can support your child.


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