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King Edward VI School 11-Plus

Guide for students seeking entry into a Stratford-upon-Avon Grammar School - September 2025

If you're considering enrolling your son at King Edward VI School, this page contains all the information you will need for the 2025 We have also provided useful information for each of the Stratford-upon-Avon Grammar Schools which you find on this page, or by using the drop down menu.

King Edward VI School

Often referred to as ‘Shakespeare’s School’, King Edward VI School is an all-boys institution that has established itself as one of the premier grammar schools in the West Midlands.

Although it may be of a smaller size, the school boasts a rich and illustrious past.

King Edward VI School was bestowed with the honour of being named the Secondary School of the Decade by the Sunday Times in 2020.

With a strong emphasis on academic excellence and a diverse range of extracurricular activities, the school strives to foster a nurturing and orderly environment that allows its students to cultivate their unique talents and abilities.

School Information

Address: Chapel Lane, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 6BE Local authority: Warwickshire County Council School type: Boys' Grammar Headteacher: Bennet Carr National Rank: 10 Sunday Times Parent Power A Level Results: 92.2% A*-B GCSE Results: 91.2% 9/8/7 Ofsted Report: View Report № of Pupils: 793 Student to Teacher Ratio: 15:1

Year 7 Entry Information

Admissions Contact: Online Form № of Year 7 Places: 87 Qualifying Score: 232 Last Cut-off Score: 232 Lowest admitted score last academic year 11-plus Exam Application: Apply Online 11-plus Registration Opens: May 2024 11-plus Registration Closes: 4pm, 30th June 2024 Open Day: 24th June 2023 Exam Date: September 2024 Exam Type: West Midlands 11+ Test National school offer day: 1st March 2025 Common Application Form (CAF) Deadline: 31st October 2024

King Edward VI School Term Dates

These are the 2024-2025 term dates for the King Edward VI School:

Autumn Term: 5th September – 22nd December 2023 Half Term: 23rd October – 3rd November 2023 Spring Term: 9th January – 22nd March 2024 Half Term: 12th–16th February 2024 Summer Term: 9th April – 17th July 2024 Half Term: 27th–31st May 2024

Entry Requirement Comparison

Dashed line represents average Tuition Tree student score

How far away is King Edward VI School?

Enter your postcode below to see how far you are from this school and all other Stratford-upon-Avon Grammar Schools.

How to Apply to King Edward VI School

This particular school shares a common entrance test and admissions process with 18 other grammar schools in Birmingham, Warwickshire, Shropshire, Wallsall, and Wolverhampton. This means that your child is only required to take one exam in order to apply to any of these schools.

1: Register for the West Midlands 11-plus test

When your child reaches Year 5, sign them up for the 11 plus at King Edward VI School Online Here. Registration begins at 9am on the May 2024, and concludes at 4pm on 31st October 2024.

If your child is a recipient of Pupil Premium, make sure to indicate this on the registration form and provide the necessary documentation. This will give your child priority in accordance with the school's admission criteria.

2: Apply for School Places

Once your son has taken the 11-plus exam, you will receive the results in mid-October.

If your child receives a mark of 232 or above, they can put this, and other Stratford-upon-Avon grammar schools on their local authority application form.

The application form must be submitted by 31st October 2024.

Before listing this school as a preference, you see the admissions criteria here

Select the area in which you live below to see which local authority you should use for your application.

3: National school offer day

On 1st March 2025 you will receive notification of the school where your child has been admitted. Your highest-ranked school preference that matches their qualifications and has available spots will be the school they are assigned to. In the event that none of your preferred schools have vacancies, an alternative school in your vicinity will be designated. .

Entry Criteria

The planned admission number (PAN) for the school is 87.

In the instances where the number of qualifying children exceeds the available places (which is highly probable), King Edward VI School follows a specific order when offering places:

  1. Children who have been Looked-After, or were previously Looked-After, and have attained at the automatic qualifying score in the 11 Plus, or 20 marks below it.
  2. A maximum of 13 places are offered to children receiving free school meals who live within the catchment area and have attained at least the minimum academic standard or higher as required by King Edward VI School.
  3. A maximum of 70 places are offered to children residing within the inner priority circle of the catchment area who have attained the automatic qualifying score or higher in the 11 Plus.
  4. Children residing in the outer priority circle of the catchment area who have attained the automatic qualifying score or above in the 11 Plus.
  5. Children residing outside the outer priority circle of the catchment area who have attained the automatic qualifying score or above in the 11 Plus.
  6. Children who have not attained the automatic qualifying score in the 11 Plus but exceeded the required minimum academic standard to qualify for a place in King Edward VI School’s waiting list.

King Edward VI School’s catchment area consists of an inner priority circle and an outer priority circle.

These circles are established by drawing a radius from the Fountain located in Rother Street, Stratford upon Avon. The inner priority circle covers a radius of 13 miles, while the outer priority circle extends to 16.885 miles, reaching the county boundary south of Long Compton.

In order to secure a place at King Edward VI School, students will need to provide evidence that they live within either the inner or outer priority circle. This evidence must be submitted before the end of December 2023.

What's on the 11-plus Exam in Stratford-upon-Avon?

The exam will take place on the September 2024.

The West Midlands 11 plus test is provided by GL Assessment and consists of two papers, each taking approximately 60 minutes to complete. A brief period is allotted at the start of each paper for students to receive instructions and complete ungraded practice questions.

Each paper is subdivided into separately timed sections that evaluate students’ abilities in:

  • English comprehension
  • Mathematics
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Non-verbal reasoning

The test is exclusively in multiple-choice format, with no written portions. Students record their responses in a separate answer booklet that is graded electronically.

The mathematics and English questions examine students’ knowledge of Key Stage 2 national curriculum material, including Year 6 targets. It evaluates their ability to reason and apply their knowledge accurately.

The reasoning questions assess students’ logical and problem-solving abilities. Verbal and non-verbal reasoning are usually not taught in school. They are designed to measure how well students can detect patterns, connect ideas, and manipulate written and visual information.

If you would like to understand your child’s current 11-plus readiness better, book a Free Assessment with Tuition Tree.


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