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When should a child start tuition for 11 Plus

When should a child start tuition for 11 Plus?

Tuition | December 10, 2018

In this article, we discuss the appropriate time for your child to begin 11 Plus tuition and the reasons why it works.

The 11 Plus is likely to be your child’s first exam experience. They may be nervous in the weeks and months beforehand, especially as the competition for places at schools can be fierce.

When it comes to preparing for the 11 Plus exam, timing is everything.

Starting too early can lead to burnout and stress while starting too late can leave children feeling unprepared and overwhelmed.

In general, it is best to start preparing for the 11 Plus exam about two years in advance.

This may feel a little too early for a child who is still two years away from sitting the exam. However, there are plenty of reasons why we suggest starting so soon

Tuition Session

Early tuition gives plenty of room to identify weakness

Our expert tutors can spot your child’s strengths and weaknesses after just a few sessions working with them. Recognising what areas need improvement can be the difference between passing and not passing.

Our tuition allows all children the chance to improve in areas or subjects where they are struggling.

The additional time gives your child more time and space to address their weak areas.

It is important to communicate to your child that weaknesses are not a bad thing. Rather, weaknesses are the opportunity to improve.

Meeting the child’s needs

Our tuition can be customised to fit your child’s needs.

We can tailor courses to help them improve on all aspects of the 11-plus while ensuring no child is left behind.

Starting tuition in Year 4 allows us to create a bespoke plan that can lead right up to the real exam.

At Tuition Tree, we understand that parents can have a busy lifestyle, and it can be hard to fit in tuition. Our sessions can be organised around your daily routine.

Avoiding the rush

The final few weeks and months before the exam can lead to a ‘crunch’ period, where students try to fit in as much revision as possible.

We feel this will not benefit any child but only cause them more stress. Being prepared well in advance goes a long way and helps avoid excess stress or panic.

Furthermore, when preparing for an exam, practice is key. By spending time doing practice questions, your child gets used to what is expected of them and how to answer questions.

For more information about the 11-plus practice, look at our mock examination section. As a result of this, by the time the exam comes, your child will breeze through.


It shouldn’t all be about just tuition and revision

In the years leading up to the 11-plus exam, it is important for children to focus on building a strong foundation in the subjects that will be covered on the test.

This includes English, mathematics, verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning. It is also important for children to develop good study habits and test-taking skills, such as time management and concentration.

In addition to focusing on academics, it is also important for children to take care of their physical and emotional well-being while preparing for the 11-plus exam.

This may involve eating well, getting regular exercise, and getting enough sleep. It may also involve finding healthy ways to manage stress and anxiety, such as talking to friends and family or engaging in activities that they enjoy.

So, while the revisions and studying are done through the tuition sessions, the parents can actually just focus on the child’s overall well-being.

In conclusion

Starting tuition in Year 4 may seem early, but it has its many benefits.

Beginning tuition at the correct time may be the difference between a pass and a fail.

Tuition Tree’s track record speaks for itself – we have an 84% pass rate when children start with us in Year 4.

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