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Why is the 11 Plus not used everywhere in the UK

Why is the 11 Plus not used everywhere in the UK?

11 Plus | December 10, 2018

A brief history of grammar schools and the reason why students are not prepared for the 11 Plus exams everywhere.

Since the 1960s, grammar schools have begun to close. In their place, comprehensive schools have climbed in popularity.

Grammar schools are notorious for selecting their students through the 11 Plus exam and interviews, with some even charging admittance fees.

Comprehensive schools, on the other hand, are available to all students and they are free.

There are now less than 200 grammar schools in England.

Grammar Schools

Why were grammar schools closed?

During the 1950s and 1960s, Labour politicians opted against grammar schools, saying they reinforced middle-class privilege and a class divide. In 1965, local authorities were ordered to begin phasing them out.

Currently, there are grammar schools in some regions of the country, including Buckinghamshire and Kent.

In some areas, including Birmingham, some grammar schools survived when the rest of the local schools became comprehensive.

Why are they less popular?

As previously stated, many people believe grammar schools maintain a divide in class, with places only available to better-off families.

Furthermore, the 11 Plus is a challenging exam, with the general view being that middle-class families can afford tuition while others cannot.

Many people feel that the 11 Plus does not separate pupils fairly. Some believe the exam is not a true representative of a child’s ability. Also, splitting children into groups may lead to some developing insecurities.

What are the benefits of grammar schools?

It is fair to say that grammar schools are controversial, with the entire topic a divisive one.

However, the schools were introduced to allow the best students to succeed, and that sentiment remains today.

Grammar schools provide education that prepares children for higher education, such as for university degrees or top-tier jobs.

Their students generally come out with better GCSE results than those at comprehensive schools. In addition to this, the environment may help gifted and talented students to excel further.

Revising for the 11 Plus can be a Challenge

Is tuition the key to securing a place at a grammar school?

Because the 11 Plus syllabus is not part of the national curriculum, primary schools are not required to teach it.

Those in favour of abolishing grammar schools believe this results in places going to children whose families can afford tuition.

However, children do not have to rely on tuition to succeed in the 11 Plus entirely.

Schools in areas that have local grammar schools often teach the exam syllabus to the children capable of passing as part of the schools’ extracurricular programmes.

External tuition helps children to narrow down their focus and secure one of the highly coveted places at the grammar school of their choice.

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